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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are GB Texas Blocks made of?
    GB Texas Blocks are reconstituted limestone blocks, engineered to be stronger, cleaner, and more versatile than natural-cut limestone. Our blocks provide an affordable and durable solution for builders and homeowners.
  • Do you install GB Texas Blocks?
    No, GB Texas Blocks is a distribution company specializing in providing high-quality reconstituted limestone blocks. While we do not provide installation services, we can recommend qualified contractors familiar with working with our blocks for your convenience.
  • How do GB Texas Blocks compare to natural-cut limestone?
    GB Texas Blocks offer several advantages over natural-cut limestone. They are engineered to be stronger and cleaner, providing a consistent and reliable building material. Additionally, our manufactured blocks eliminate the logistical difficulties associated with natural stone, making them an efficient and cost-effective choice for construction projects.
  • Do you deliver GB Texas Blocks?
    Yes, GB Texas Blocks offers nationwide delivery services. Delivery fees may vary based on the destination. It is important to note that the customer will need to make arrangements to have the product unloaded from the delivery truck upon arrival. Our team is available to provide further details and coordinate delivery logistics to ensure a smooth and efficient process for our customers.
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